Version 20210930

30 September 2021. Summary of changes for version 20210930:

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1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Hardware: Avoid evaluating methods too early during system resume. During wakeup from system-wide sleep states, AcpiGetSleepTypeData() is called and it tries to get memory from the OS in order to evaluate a control method, but if KFENCE is enabled in the Linux kernel, the memory allocation attempt causes an IRQ work to be queued and a self-IPI to be sent to the CPU running the code which requires the memory controller to be ready, so if that happens too early in the wakeup path, it doesn't work.

Prevent that from taking place by calling AcpiGetSleepTypeData() for S0 upfront, when preparing to enter a given sleep state, and saving the data obtained by it for later use during system wakeup.

Added a new _OSI string, "Windows 2020". Posted by superm1.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and ACPICA tools:

iASL compiler: Updated the check for usage of _CRS, _DIS, _PRS, and _SRS objects:
New/latest rules: Under a Device Object:
1) If _PRS is present, must have _CRS and _SRS
2) If _SRS is present, must have _PRS (_PRS requires _CRS and _SRS)
3) If _DIS is present, must have _SRS (_SRS requires _PRS, _PRS requires _CRS and _SRS)
4) If _SRS is present, probably should have a _DIS (Remark only)

iASL table disassembler: Added disassembly support for the NHLT ACPI table. Note: support for Vendor-defined microphone arrays and SNR extensions are not supported at this time -- mostly due to a lack of example tables. Actual compiler support for NHLT is forthcoming.

Added a new subtable type for ACPI 6.4 SRAT Generic Port Affinity. It uses the same subtable structure as the existing Generic Initiator Affinity type.

Added the flag for online capable in the MADT, introduced in ACPI 6.3. Posted by superm1.

3) ACPICA documentation: Updated the legal info (that appears at the start of the Documents) to clarify distribution rights that are granted.

30 September, 2021