Version 20200925

25 September 2020. Summary of changes for version 20200925:

1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Preserve memory opregion mappings. The ACPICA's strategy with respect to the handling of memory mappings associated with memory operation regions is to avoid mapping the entire region at once which may be problematic at least in principle (for example, it may lead to conflicts with overlapping mappings having different attributes created by drivers). It may also be wasteful, because memory opregions on some systems take up vastchunks of address space while the fields in those regions actually accessed by AML are sparsely distributed.

For this reason, a one-page "window" is mapped for a given opregion on the first memory access through it and if that "window" does not cover an address range accessed through that opregion subsequently, it is unmapped and a new "window" is mapped to replace it. Next, if the new "window" is not sufficient to access memory through the opregion in question in the future, it will be replaced with yet another "window" and so on. That may lead to a suboptimal sequence of memory mapping and unmapping operations, for example if two fields in one opregion separated from each other by a sufficiently wide chunk of unused address space are accessed in an alternating pattern.

Added support for 64 bit risc-v compilation. Useful for acpica tools and incorporating ACPICA into the Firmware Test Suite. Colin Ian King .

Added support for SMBus predefined names (from SMBus Control Method Interface Specification, Version 1.0, December 10, 1999. New predefined names:

AML Disassembler: Added a new command, "All

25 September, 2020