Version 20191018

18 October 2019. Summary of changes for version 20191018:

1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Debugger: added a new command: “Fields [address space ID]”. This command dumps the contents of all field units that are defined within the namespace with a particular address space ID.

Modified the external interface AcpiLoadTable() to return a table index. This table index can be used for unloading a table for debugging.
AcpiLoadTable (
UINT32 *TableIndex))

Implemented a new external interface: AcpiUnloadTable() This new function takes a table index as an argument and unloads the table. Useful for debugging only.
AcpiUnloadTable (
UINT32 TableIndex))

Ported the AcpiNames utility to use the new table initialization sequence. The utility was broken before this change. Also, it was required to include most of the AML interpreter into the utility in order to process table initialization (module-level code execution.)

Update for results from running Clang V8.0.1. This fixes all "dead assignment" warnings. There are still several "Dereference of NULL pointer" warnings, but these have been found to be false positive warnings.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and ACPICA tools:

iASL: numerous table compiler changes to ensure that the usage of yacc/bison syntax is POSIX-compliant.

iASL/disassembler: several simple bug fixes in the data table disassembler.

Acpiexec: expand the initialization file (the -fi option) to initialize strings, buffers, packages, and field units.

18 October, 2019