Version 20171110

10 November 2017. Summary of changes for version 20171110:

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1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

This release implements full support for ACPI 6.2A:
NFIT - Added a new subtable, "Platform Capabilities Structure"
No other changes to ACPICA were required, since ACPI 6.2A is primarily an errata release of the specification.

Other ACPI table changes:
IORT: Added the SMMUv3 Device ID mapping index. Hanjun Guo
PPTT: Added cache attribute flag definitions to actbl1.h. Jeremy Linton

Utilities: Modified the string/integer conversion functions to use internal 64-bit divide support instead of a native divide. On 32-bit platforms, a 64-bit divide typically requires a library function which may not be present in the build (kernel or otherwise).

Implemented a targeted error message for timeouts returned from the Embedded Controller device driver. This is seen frequently enough to special-case an AE_TIME returned from an EC operation region access:
"Timeout from EC hardware or EC device driver"

Changed the "ACPI Exception" message prefix to "ACPI Error" so that all runtime error messages have the identical prefix.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:

AcpiXtract: Fixed a problem with table header detection within the acpidump file. Processing a table could be ended early if a 0x40 (@) appears in the original binary table, resulting in the @ symbol appearing in the decoded ASCII field at the end of the acpidump text line. The symbol caused acpixtract to incorrectly think it had reached the end of the current table and the beginning of a new table.

AcpiXtract: Added an option (-f) to ignore some errors during table extraction. This initial implementation ignores non-ASCII and non-printable characters found in the acpidump text file.

TestSuite(ASLTS)/AcpiExec: Fixed and restored the memory usage statistics for ASLTS. This feature is used to track memory allocations from different memory caches within the ACPICA code. At the end of an ASLTS run, these memory statistics are recorded and stored in a log file.

Debugger (user-space version): Implemented a simple "Background" command. Creates a new thread to execute a control method in the background, while control returns to the debugger prompt to allow additional commands.
Syntax: Background [Arguments]

10 November, 2017