Version 20170831

31 August 2017. Summary of changes for version 20170831:

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1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Implemented internal support for full 64-bit addresses that appear in all Generic Address Structure (GAS) structures. Previously, only the lower 32 bits were used. Affects the use of GAS structures in the FADT and other tables, as well as the GAS structures passed to the AcpiRead and AcpiWrite public external interfaces that are used by drivers. Lv Zheng.

Added header support for the PDTT ACPI table (Processor Debug Trigger Table). Full support in the iASL Data Table Compiler and disassembler is forthcoming.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:

iASL/Disassembler: Fixed a problem with the PPTT ACPI table (Processor Properties Topology Table) where a flag bit was specified in the wrong bit position ("Line Size Valid", bit 6).

iASL: Implemented support for Octal integer constants as defined by the ASL language grammar, per the ACPI specification. Any integer constant that starts with a zero is an octal constant. For example,
Store (037777, Local0) /* Octal constant */
Store (0x3FFF, Local0) /* Hex equivalent */
Store (16383, Local0) /* Decimal equivalent */

iASL: Improved overflow detection for 64-bit string conversions during compilation of integer constants. "Overflow" in this case means a string that represents an integer that is too large to fit into a 64-bit value. Any 64-bit constants within a 32-bit DSDT or SSDT are still truncated to the low-order 32 bits with a warning, as previously implemented. Several new exceptions are defined that indicate a 64-bit overflow, as well as the base (radix) that was used during the attempted conversion. Examples:
Local0 = 01111222233334444555566667777 // AE_OCTAL_OVERFLOW
Local0 = 11112222333344445555666677778888 // AE_DECIMAL_OVERFLOW

iASL: Added a warning for the case where a ResourceTemplate is declared with no ResourceDescriptor entries (coded as "ResourceTemplate(){}"). In this case, the resulting template is created with a single END_TAG descriptor, which is essentially useless.

iASL: Expanded the -vw option (ignore specific warnings/remarks) to include compilation error codes as well.

31 August, 2017