Version 20170303

03 March 2017. Summary of changes for version 20170303:

This release is available at

0) ACPICA licensing:

The licensing information at the start of each source code module has been updated. In addition to the Intel license, the dual GPLv2/BSD license has been added for completeness. Now, a single version of the source code should be suitable for all ACPICA customers. This is the major change for this release since it affects all source code modules.

1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Fixed two issues with the common asltypes.h header that could cause problems in some environments: (Kim Jung-uk)
Removed typedef for YY_BUFFER_STATE -
Fixes an error with earlier versions of Flex.
Removed use of FILE typedef (which is only defined in stdio.h)

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:

Disassembler: fixed a regression introduced in 20170224. A fix for a memory leak related to resource descriptor tags (names) could fault when the disassembler was generated with 64-bit compilers.

The ASLTS test suite has been updated to implement a new testing architecture. During generation of the suite from ASL source, both the ASL and ASL+ compilers are now validated, as well as the disassembler itself (Erik Schmauss). The architecture executes as follows:

For every ASL source module:
Compile (legacy ASL compilation)
Disassemble the resulting AML to ASL+ source code
Compile the new ASL+ module
Perform a binary compare on the legacy AML and the new ASL+ AML
The ASLTS suite then executes normally using the AML binaries.

3 March, 2017