Version 20170119

19 January 2017. Summary of changes for version 20170119:

This release is available at

1) General ACPICA software:

Entire source code base: Added the 2017 copyright to all source code
legal/licensing module headers and utility/tool signons. This includes
the standard Linux dual-license header. This affects virtually every file
in the ACPICA core subsystem, iASL compiler, all ACPICA utilities, and
the ACPICA test suite.

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:

iASL: Removed/fixed an inadvertent remark when a method argument
containing a reference is used as a target operand within the method (and
never used as a simple argument), as in the example below. Jeffrey Hugo.

dsdt.asl 1507: Store(0x1, Arg0)
Remark 2146 - ^ Method Argument is never used (Arg0)

All tools: Removed the bit width of the compiler that generated the tool
from the common signon for all user space tools. This proved to be
confusing and unnecessary. This includes similar removal of HARDWARE_NAME
from the generic makefiles (Thomas Petazzoni). Example below.

ASL+ Optimizing Compiler version 20170119-32
ASL+ Optimizing Compiler version 20170119-64

ASL+ Optimizing Compiler version 20170119

19 January, 2017