Version 20150408

09 April 2015. Summary of changes for version 20150409:

This release is available at

1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:

Permanently set the return value for the _REV predefined name. It now returns 2 (was 5). This matches other ACPI implementations. _REV will be deprecated in the future, and is now defined to be 1 for ACPI 1.0, and 2 for ACPI 2.0 and later.

Added the "Windows 2015" string to the _OSI support. ACPICA will now return TRUE to a query with this string.

Fixed several issues with the local version of the printf function.

Added the C99 compiler option (-std=c99) to the Unix makefiles.

Current Release:
Non-Debug Version: 99.1K Code, 27.3K Data, 126.4K Total
Debug Version: 192.8K Code, 79.9K Data, 272.7K Total
Previous Release:
Non-Debug Version: 98.8K Code, 27.3K Data, 126.1K Total
Debug Version: 192.1K Code, 79.8K Data, 271.9K Total

2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:

Implemented an enhancement to the constant folding feature to transform the parse tree to a simple Store operation whenever possible:
Add (2, 3, X) ==> Store (5, X)
X = 2 + 3 ==> X = 5 ==> Store (5, X)

Updated support for the SLIC table (Software Licensing Description Table) in both the Data Table compiler and the disassembler. The SLIC table support now conforms to "Microsoft Software Licensing Tables (SLIC and MSDM). November 29, 2011. Copyright 2011 Microsoft". Note: The SLIC data following the ACPI header is now defined to be "Proprietary Data", and as such, can only be displayed as a hex data block.

Implemented full support for the MSDM table as described in the document above. Note: The MSDM data following the ACPI header is defined to be "Proprietary Data", and as such, can only be displayed as a hex data block.

Changes for the EFI version of the tools:
1) Fixed a build error/issue
2) Fixed a cast warning

Implemented the -Pn option for the Table Compiler (in addition to the ASL compiler). This option disables the preprocessor.

Fixed some problems with the local version of the strstr function.

Disassembler: For disassembly of Data Tables, added a comment field around the Ascii equivalent data that is emitted as part of the "Raw Table Data" block. This prevents the iASL Preprocessor from possible confusion if/when the table is compiled.

Disassembler: Added an option (-df) to force the disassembler to assume that the table being disassembled contains valid AML. This feature is useful for disassembling AML files that contain ACPI signatures other than DSDT or SSDT (such as OEMx or other signatures).

iASL: Fixed a path issue with the __FILE__ operator by making the directory prefix optional within the internal SplitInputFilename function.

Debugger: Remove some unused global variables.

Tests: Updated the makefile for the AAPITS suite.

8 April, 2015