Linux Support

The current release of ACPICA is version 20230331
See the changes.txt file for changes in this version.


Starting with the Linux kernel version 2.4, ACPICA is embedded within the Linux kernel.
There is no Linux-specific ACPICA source code package. Instead, new ACPICA code is released to Linux by the ACPICA team via the following procedure:

  1. The Linux version of ACPICA is created from the UNIX release package -- the code is converted to Linux format via an ACPICA utility (AcpiSrc) and lindent.
  2. Individual patches are created, merged with the current Linux source tree, and released to Linux.

The Linux versions of the user-space ACPICA utilities (iASL, AcpiExec, AcpiXtract, etc.) can be built from the UNIX ACPICA source code package, found at the UNIX Source Code page: UNIX Source Code Packages