Windows Binary Tools

The current release of ACPICA is version 20230331
See the changes.txt file for changes in this version.

Windows Binary Tools

The Windows versions of the various tools are zipped in a single file that is available here:

iASL compiler and Windows ACPI tools (ZIP 1.9 MB)

Major tools and utilities:

  • iASL - ACPI Source Language Compiler, ACPI Table Compiler, and AML Disassembler
  • AcpiExec - Load ACPI tables and execute control methods from user space
  • AcpiDump - Obtain system ACPI tables and save in ASCII hex format
  • AcpiXtract - Extract binary ACPI tables from an ASCII acpidump
  • AcpiHelp - Help utility for ASL operators, AML opcodes, and ACPI Predefined Names

Miscellaneous utilities:

  • AcpiSrc - Convert ACPICA code to Linux format
  • AcpiBin - Miscellaneous manipulation of binary ACPI tables

Documentation and Demo code:

  • changes.txt - ACPICA release log file
  • badcode.asl - Demo ASL file containing iASL error detection examples
Package icon iasl-win-20230331.zip1.29 MB